A Ministry Change

Yesterday, I informed Oak Grove Baptist Church, having pastored them for 23 years, that the Lord was leading me into full-time itinerant ministry. And I want to share this with you as a supporter of Real Truth Matters Ministry.

My last day as senior pastor will be January 29, 2017. After this, I will be available to preach and minister where God leads. For over a year the Lord has increasingly burdened my heart toward an evangelistic and revival ministry. 

Below you will find the audio and video of my message to our church. In it, I shared this news with them, and in detail explained the process that led to this decision.

As far as Real Truth Matters, it will not be affected by this change. RTM is built around my preaching and writing ministry. We will continue to give you the same quality you have come to expect. The sermons, videos, and RTM magazine will proceed as if nothing has changed.

I ask that you will pray for both Oak Grove and me during the transition and our new ministry after the transition. I have no idea what the future will hold, but I am convinced in my spirit that the Lord, who is my Shepherd is leading me. With His divine help I cannot fail, without it, I cannot succeed.

Listen, watch, or read the sermon.

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