Brokenness and Blessing

The Bible is full of great words for God’s warriors. They sound like trumpets. But there are other words that speak very quietly deep within us. Perhaps there are some who are sorely tempted because of the hardness of the work entrusted to them. That which they had hoped for has not happened. Perhaps they feel they cannot go on. At such times, just listen and you will hear the quiet words I am speaking of. They speak of brokenness: “Blow ye the trumpets . . . . and they blew the trumpets, and broke the pitchers.” (Judges 7:18-19) Then Mark 14:3 speaks of “an alabaster box of ointment, very precious–and she broke the box”; Then “Jesus took and blessed, and broke, and gave.” (Matthew 14:19). And 1 Corinthians 11:24- “My body, which is broken for you.”

Broken pitchers– and the light shined out.
Broken box– and the ointment poured forth.
Broken bread– and the hungry were fed.
A broken body– and the world was redeemed.

As Thou wast broken, O my Lord, for me,
Let me be broken, Lord, for love of Thee.

– Amy Carmichael
Does it seem like all God is doing with you lately is breaking you? Then it is only to making you a blessing to others, to make you broken bread and poured-out wine to give life to others–death in us, that there might be life in others. It hurts in the present, but it is so sweet and good afterwards.
– Mack Tomlinson
Posted in Denton church.