Designed for Deep Relationships


The Apostle Paul said “For none of us lives to himself, and no one dies to himself.”

Each Christian is a part of a collection of connected parts that Christ has joined together to make His body. Life was designed to live with others in deeply formed relationships. But several factors resist relationship building, not only in the church, but also in marriage, parents and children, neighbors, etc.

Our very culture opposes serious commitment to relationships because it does not allow the time required to cultivate real-life associations. Therefore, you have to swim against the current of your environment to experience the power of genuine relationships. You have to put forth effort in spite of the resistance.

This is so important to the kingdom of God and its advancement. The Great Commission requires it, since we cannot make disciples without serious relationship building.

That is why we have committed the September/October edition of the RTM Magazine to the subject of relationships. We are especially delighted to bring to you an interview with Ray and Jani Ortlund discussing their marriage. The Ortlund name is well-known in the evangelical world starting with Ray Ortlund Sr. His son, Ray, is Pastor at Immanuel Church in Nashville, Tenn. He also serves as President of Renewal Ministries, Regional Director in the Acts 29 Network, and Council Member of The Gospel Coalition. You will be extremely helped by this interview.


I want to express my joy in the relationship we have with you, dear reader.

Although, we do not personally know the many who read this magazine, we nonetheless feel a connection. We want to invest in our relationship with you by giving you biblically sound and edifying material. How can you invest in us? By praying for us; by lifting this ministry to God in prayer. Your prayers for us are not superficial but instrumental for the execution of the will of God in us. Thank you for your commitment to this ministry.

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