Heavenly Springs, Pt 4

The Streams on earth I’ve Tasted . . . .
More Deep I’ll Drink Above
I reached a point some months ago where I felt my life had been shallow and lacking God’s presence. I vigorously besought Him that He might bring me into a fuller and deeper grasp of His love and person. I meant it. Then–heart attack! I was left in much weakness in most all physical areas, loss of some mental capacity, cast in a state of dependence upon others, and as I see it now, His hand of mercy in answering my prayer. In a new experience, He has enabled me through it all to have a rich, fuller experience of His presence and love. Sweeter communion amid tribulation, and increased desire to depart and be with Him. I’m thankful to be where He has brought me in these days, though through some hardness indeed. Yet His presence is sufficient in all things.
And you are complete in Him which is the head of all principality and power“; Oh, what glorious things upon which to think! These are beyond my comprehension in my present state, but oh, so glorious to reach for. Brother, one day we will be able to know and comprehend all the glories of His presence, heaven, yes, a new heaven and a new earth. All of Christ and His gift of life to those who were dead in sin!
Oh brother, sometimes I’m somewhat distressed in that, though I know these things and rejoice in them, yet I seem to know them in such a shallowness. Oh, that the depth of the truth might truly grip my soul, and penetrate my very being above all else, and be my strength, rejoicing, and my very substance of being.
Help us, O God of our salvation, for the glory of thy name: and deliver us, and purge away our sins, for thy name’s sake.
I heard Conrad Murrell once say with regard to the song, Jesus Grows Sweeter Every Daythat the Lord is not growing at all. Well, I understand what he meant. But I’m becoming more enabled to grasp the love of Jesus every day. Maybe that’s a more correct way to state it. Whatever the case, I’m thankful above measure that, in these advanced years of age 86 now, that He has and is enabling me to continue to grow in love and knowledge of Him, to love His Word, to “groan” before Him in prayer with thanksgiving and petitions, to embrace his truth, and to rejoice in hope. Can you believe such a thing? For one who has given Him no reason to pour out His love on such? Yet He has forgiven MY sins, loved me with an everlasting love, and drawn me with lovingkindness.
Would you believe an 86year old man, having seen God’s mercies over many years, yet trembles to stand before His people and bring them the Word of God? It does require some physical ability, and in these, I’m greatly deficient. But I am praying He will meet that need too. I’m not there yet, but praying for strength He gives to be there.
I had a blessed time preaching before the little group of saints, and they seemed to listen so intently.
In prayer and meditations this morning, the impact of eternity over our brief time here in this experience weighed heavily upon my mind. How absolutely ludicrous to give significance to this brief experience in time and think only occasionally of eternity! I guess realizing the brief time I have left in this experience quickens in my heart thoughts of our blessed Lord and what awaits his people on the other side. Oh joy, joy! What a glorious hope for one blest to believe on the Savior. 
I’m content in this realm as long as He is pleased that I should remain here.
– Bob Woodruff
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