J. C. Ryle: Life, Ministry, and Wisdom Part 3


What we weave in time, we wear in eternity; it matters little how we die, but it matters much how we live.

What the sun is in the heavens, is what Christ is in true Christianity. Nothing is to be added to Christ in salvation, nothing is to be joined with Him in honor, and nothing can satisfy apart from Him. Christ is all. All work, without Him, will be burned in the fire, and all riches without Him have wings and will fly away.

There are too many baptized men and women who practically know nothing at all about Christ. What true acquaintance do they have with his offices and work, his blood and righteousness, his priesthood, and intercession? None at all! Ask them about saving faith, ask them about being truly born again of the Spirit, ask them about being sanctified in Christ. What answer do you get? You are like a barbarian to them!

All believers should share the gospel. It is high time that the old tradition be exploded that the clergy alone are the only ones to teach and spread truth. To do good and diffuse light is a duty for which all members of Christ’s church are responsible. Christians ought to tell others that they have found medicine for their souls, when they see others dying for a lack of it. What did the apostle Peter say? “As every man has received the gift, even so minister the same one to another (1 Peter 4:10). It will be happy days for the church when that text is obeyed.



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