J. C. Ryle Life, Ministry, and Wisdom – Pt 6

True and False Unity
No doubt we all love unity, but we must distinctly maintain that true unity can only be built on God’s truth. We must not withhold the right hand of fellowship from any faithful brethren because he does not think exactly like us, but we must understand who the men are to whom we extend the hand of fellowship.  We cannot endorse the sentiments and views of persons who have no real love for Christ’s truth. We cannot make people believe that we are all one in heart, when in reality, we differ on the most basic of truths. From such false unity may we pray to be delivered.

The Bible as the Word of God
Believing that the Scriptures are altogether and entirely the Word of God is the very foundation of Christianity. If Christians have no divine book to turn to as their warrant for their doctrine and practice, then they have no solid ground for present peace or hope, and no right to claim the attention of mankind. You cannot convert men and give them eyes to see or hearts to feel. The Holy Ghost alone can do that. But you can be a witness. Stand fast, both in public and private, even if you stand alone. Stand fast in the old belief that the whole Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, was given by inspiration of God, and that the historical facts recorded in the Old Testament are all credible and true.

– J. C. Ryle
Posted in Denton church.