Renewal of the Man of God Conference

Renewal of the Man of God is a free one-day event for pastors and church leaders to refresh and recharge their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Too often, pastors and leaders give of themselves and have nothing in reserve for their own souls. Ministry then becomes routine and mechanical and, as a result of going through the motions of ministering to others, their own spiritual vitality can be lost.

This event is hosted by Real Truth Matters and Solid Rock Baptist Church to give church leaders a day to focus on their own spiritual needs and relearn how to maintain fellowship with God. How do you walk with God and keep ministry operating out of the overflow of your relationship with Christ? That is what this conference is about.

RTM Director Michael Durham will teach five sessions on keeping the heart before the Lord and experiencing Him as a constant, present reality. Time will also be given to extended prayer.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided and wives are welcome to attend. Make it a day for you both to meet with the Lord and other leaders in a day dedicated to renewal.

For more information, call: 270.898.8496

Please register by February 26, 2018 to attend.

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