Samuel Rutherford’s Love of Truth, Pt 2

My needs are my best riches, for I have these supplied by Christ.

I hope to over-hope and over-believe my troubles.

There is no sweeter fellowship with Christ than when we bring our wounds and sores to Him.

O, grief forevermore, that there should be such a one as Christ Jesus–so boundless, bottomless, so incomparable in infinite excellence and sweetness, and yet so few who take Him! They lose their love miserably who will not bestow it upon this lovely One, Jesus.

You will not get to steal quietly to heaven without conflict and a cross.

I have little, little of Christ, yet I long for more.

Let Him make anything out of me, as long as He is glorified through my salvation, for I know I am made for Him.

Every day we may see some new thing in Christ. His love has neither edge or bottom.

I find that our needs qualify us for Christ.

I urge upon you a nearer and growing communion with Christ. There are so many new unfolding and levels in His love; therefore, dig deep, sweat and labor, and take pains for Him; He will be won by labor.

– Samuel Rutherford

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