Pray for the Spirit in Nature’s Path Today

1. Of most importance, pray this morning that God would touch the hurricane hitting the east coast. Twenty million people are in its path. You already know this and you know how to pray. It always moves me to faith when I remember that Jesus Himself is the one that starts and allows any storm and He is controlling its every movement. He still rules the wind and the waves, and he also hears the cries of his elect. 
    Should we not pray for mercy to be extended and for him to show his power in changing the storm? We do not know his secret decree, but we know his heart, his mercy, and his promises. Please do pray this morning for this. Pray for the power of the Spirit upon the hurricane and its force and path.
    I think many of you and your churches would want to do something afterward if possible. There is already talk of some relief trips, so if you or your church begins to think of this, please do pray that God would raise up all that is needed. 
Pray for the Spirit in the work of the Gospel this weekend
2. I am scheduled this Sunday morning to begin preaching at First Baptist Church, Olney Texas, 2 hours west of here. It is the largest and probably the most historic church in this town of a few thousand people. Chad Edgington is a dear brother who serves as the pastor there. This church has been preparing with some seriousness, and now have excitement and expectation about the three days of meetings Sunday morning and evening, and then Monday and Tuesday.
    Please pray. Please pray for the power of the Spirit to come on the preaching. All we will be doing in the services will be to sing the songs of truth and preach the Word. That’s all. But that is sufficient. I have longed to see God break in and move in power, and have not seen it happen in years since I saw it happen in Romania about 10 years ago.
   I have driven through another small town near Olney in recent months which reminded me of God’s descending power. Bryson Texas, approximately 1 1/2 hours northwest of Fort Worth, where I preached in 1976 for a full weekend. It was there on a Sunday morning that the Holy Spirit came down suddenly and every young person in the church was either converted or was greatly affected by a movement of the Spirit. It shook the entire church. I had no idea it would happen, and I had no idea what to do during that day when it was occuring. The pastor did not know what to do either, so we sat back and watched God at work. 
    I have never forgotten it, and every time I drive through there, I drive right by that Bryson church building. God is able to do it again. Please pray that he would do it in Olney starting Sunday.
Luke 11:13!
– Mack