Dear Evangelist…


Dear Evangelist,

You have shut fast the door to heaven for me. If the Holy Spirit is the only One who changes me, I have no hope unless He chooses to do so. This gives me no comfort.


Dear Anxious,

That is the charge many make against the doctrine of a sovereign God and His sovereign grace. They say our view of sovereignty bars the doors of heaven and makes them closed but I say to you, that is not true. It is sin that shuts the doors closed and fast! It is your sin, not God’s sovereignty that closes heaven to you. This God that can do whatever He pleases and rules over all things, so pleases to show mercy to sinners. Are you listening? God is so delighted to save you that it provoked Him to give His only Son over to cruel mockers and tormenters. He chose of His own free will to punish Jesus for our sins.

The only free will you need to be concerned with is God’s. Let me tell you about God’s free will, He freely gave His Son. Nobody forced Him to do it. Nobody put any kind of weapon to His head and said “Do it or else…” No, friend. He did it willingly and lovingly. The Bible states that God has opened the doors of His Kingdom and He bids all to come, every last one of you.

If you’re not a Christian today it is not God’s fault, it’s your fault.


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