Fuzzy Christianity?

Fuzzy Christianity? Are we speaking of the traditional definition, which is “frizzy, fluffy, or frayed in appearance”, such as in a person’s hair or on a sweater? Or rather are we referring to the secondary meaning the dictionary gives to the word ‘fuzzy”– “difficult to perceive clearly, understand, and explain precisely; indistinct or vague.” Dr. Al Mohler uses the word “fuzzy” about those who hold to a fuzzy Christianity.

It causes me to think of how much fuzzy Christianity there is out there— fuzzy-thinking religious people, who profess to be Christians, but who cannot even define clearly what a Christian is, who attend fuzzy churches, hearing fuzzy sermons from fuzzy Bibles by fuzzy preachers, and people sitting in fuzzy Sunday school classes with other fuzzy people, or sitting in fuzzy home-groups, pooling their ignorance about passages that are not unclear, but they make them unclear by their fuzzy approach, saying that the passage “can have different meanings to different people.” Perfect fuzziness!

So we are in an age of fuzzy “Christians” attending fuzzy churches, hearing fuzzy sermons from fuzzy preachers who make the clearest things fuzzy, and they leave their fuzzy church more fuzzy than when they went in. This is why the devil loves fuzzy.

In our increasingly fuzzy age, how fuzzy is your Christianty? How fuzzy is your gospel, your church, or your professed faith? Fuzziness may work on some sweaters or hair styles, but not in the things of God. Jesus’ death wasn’t fuzzy; the gospel isn’t fuzzy; full precision, accuracy, dogmatism, distinctness, and clarity are always true when describing biblical truth and the gospel. Let us not be fuzzy on the greatest issues of life when it pertains to eternal life, the Bible, the Christian life, the gospel, and the eternal destiny of men’s souls. On these issues, no one can afford to be fuzzy because theological and moral fuzziness sends people to hell. Isn’t it a great tragedy that people will find themselves in hell, primarily because they were fuzzy about the gospel, and never cared enough to believe the real truth. Fuzziness–does that describe you and me?
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– Mack Tomlinson

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