Kiss The Son!

Now therefore be wise, O kings. Be instructed you judges of the earth. Serve the Lord with fear. And rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest He be angry”.

Psalm 2:10-11.

Present day kings of the earth should not be thought to be heads of state. That may have been true in times past, but power is rarely in their hands now. The Hitlers, Stalins, Titos, and Sadam Husseins may have a short day, a passing flash of glory, but they are soon overthrown in today’s world climate. No, the abiding power that holds sway over the minds and souls of today’s populace are those who sit at the heads of colleges and universities, determining what will be taught as truth. They are the popular authors and publishers of books who hold sway over the reading public, actors and producers of movies and television entertainment, who created a fantasy, a false illusion of values and realities of life. They are the news Anchors and talk-show Hosts who frame and color every event and pending consideration with a contempt for anything spiritual or godly. Included, also in today’s despots are Supreme court judges who, appointed for life, are free to frustrate the will and minds of the people and rule them by perverse interpretation and application of sound and wholesome laws.

These are they who rage, fume, and rail against God’s anointed King. They have determined that they will break the decrees of God, despise, slander and trod His blessed Son underfoot. They will change times and seasons, pervert right and wrong, and thumb their noses at every convention among civilized and orderly society that has the slightest connection with the Almighty.

The power of these creators of “political correctness” have succeeded in eliminating the hated three-letter “G” word from polite society and public speech! Profanity, obscenity and cursing is not only permitted, but admired; but let someone suggest that God exists or has anything to do with whatever comes to pass, and he is immediately censored, ridiculed, and silenced.

God’s laughter at this sort of thing must not be construed to be an indication of His sense of humor. It is a laugh of derision. Jesus Christ was not, as is usually portrayed by these “kings”, merely a good man, a social reformer who, unfortunately, ran afoul of the religious and political climate of his day, and had his objectives frustrated. No, the Almighty has set His King on High. All power is in His Hand…right now. All He needs do to ask the Father, and God will put a man, a king, a nation, in His Blessed Had to do with whatever He pleases. They are all His inheritance. Far from being frustrated Jesus accomplished exactly what He came to do…the redemption of His people. If the kings of the earth were wise, and not fools, they would be bowing at His feet, kissing His blessed Hand, and begging Him to be their Savior and King.


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