Ministry Prayer Requests

This month of December is unique for us in one way, and because of that, we especially ask your prayers over the next 4 weeks if you think of us. Our schedule is as follows:

– This weekend, December 3-4, preaching at Grace Church, Mt. Pleasant, Texas

– December 10-14, Madison, Alabama, preaching 3 times at Grace Baptist Church, Madison

– December 16-21, New York City, with Linda, and preaching at Grace Baptist Church in the city on Sunday, December 18th

– Home for Christmas December 22-26th

– Amarillo Texas December 27-January 6th, where I am scheduled for eye surgery on both eyes, which will be done on December 29 and the second surgery on January 5.

This is a busy schedule this time of the year, and we truly need and ask your prayers.

Warmly yours with thanks, and praying you are experiencing the presence and love of Christ our Lord.

– Mack and Linda

Don’t Take the Bible for Granted

William Tyndale, from his prison cell in Vilvorde, Belgium, wrote to the Marquis of Bergen, the governor of the jail where he was being held captive before he was strangled and his body burned. Listen to what William Tyndale wrote; ‘I entreat your lordship, and that by the Lord Jesus, that if I must remain here for the winter you would beg the Commissary to be so kind as to send me, from the things of mine which he has, a warmer cap; I feel the cold painfully in my head. Also a warmer cloak, for the cloak I have is very thin. He has a woolen shirt of mine, if he will also send it. But most of all my Hebrew Bible, Grammar and Vocabulary, that I may spend my time in that pursuit.’ How one’s emotions are stirred in read those words! What a price some men paid that we might have what we take for granted, the word of God in our own language.

– Geoff Thomas

Posted in Denton church.