Our Savior, Jesus

Diety became Humanity.
The Infinite One became an infant.
The Son of God became the Son of Man.
The Light of the World was eclipsed by the womb of a virgin.
He sat in the heavens and yet was laid in a feed bunk.
He upheld the world and now is upheld by the arms of a woman.
He fed all the creatures of the earth and now He is hungry Himself.
He had the home of heaven and now has no place to lay His head.
He dealt out the galaxies and now is dealing with wood chips.
He had the fullness of the Spirit and yet they said He had demons.
He had all wisdom incarnate and yet they said He was insane.
He is from Heaven and yet they said He was from Samaria.
He is the only begotten of the Faith and yet they said He was born of fornication.
He was clothed in glory and now is tripped by cruel adversaries.
His shoulders bore the world and now they are bloodied by Roman whips.
– Bob Jennings
Posted in Daily Thoughts.