Prayer for the Holy Spirit in Reading the Bible

It is always right and good to pray for the ministry of the Spirit to increase in our lives. We thank the Father for sending the Son and we thank the Son for coming into this world as the Savior. Should we not also pray to the Spirit, to do His special work in our lives?

In reading this morning, as I reflect on beginning a new year of Bible reading, my thoughts are turned to the Spirit’s special role in taking the truth of God’s Word and making it real to me. I will see nothing and gain nothing from the Bible apart from His illuminating work upon my mind and soul. We ought to pray something along this line daily as we read—

“Blessed Spirit of God, You have given me the Bible; You inspired its writing, and You alone can feed my soul today with it; Come and make real the truth to me this morning; come and quicken me with your truth; illumine my mind and soul to see this morning what you eat to say to me, and show me the things of Christ; open my eyes to see wondrous things, fresh things, and things beneficial for me right now. Please make my time in your Word increasingly life-giving and profitable; cause me to increase in desire for the Bible more and more, and take your place more than ever as Paraclete to make real the things of God to my soul. Make my time in your Word become a time in the power and freshness of the Holy Spirit.”

As the hymn-writer said, “Spirit of God, my teacher be, showing the things of Christ to me.”

– Mack Tomlinson

Posted in Denton church.