Victory over Death

Death is the great leveler. We all have to face death; none are exempt. What you saw as headlines in your newspapers about people dying will be soon said of you. The day is coming when someone will turn to someone else and tell them that you have died. Death is the great leveler that brings us all to the same position. We are all equal at that point. The great questions is not how do we face this life and this world, but how do we face death and eternity, how do we face God and stand in the presence of His Majesty?

We are reminded that there is only one way. The King of Heaven came down to earth in order that you and I might be delivered from our sins, in order that the terrors of hell and of God with us might have nothing to do, in order that the books of heaven might be cleared toward us and we might become the children of God, delivered from every fear, the fear of death and of judgment, fear of God’s law and the terrifying fear of God, in order that we might live in His presence.

Thank God that as we, therefore, look into the face of death, we can do so without terror and alarm because we know the King of kings is our Lord and Saviour, and He has opened up a new and living way, even through His broken body and shed blood, into heaven for us.

– D. M. Lloyd-Jones

Posted in Denton church.